Aqua Guard & Vacuum Cleaner

Aqua Guard

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus +

RO + UV + UF with Auto Mineral Modulator which sets the taste of water and effectively purify water from many sources.

Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO + UV

Designed to effectively purify water from many sources – municipal, borewell, tanker using both RO & UV technology.

Dr. Aquaguard Eterniti

Designed to effectively purify water supplied by Municipal Corporations which is drawn from lakes, rivers, etc and doesn't have a salty/khara taste.

Dr. Aquaguard Booster

Comes with a built in pump which enables it to even draw water stored in a vessel, ideal for areas with no running water or low water pressure.

Vacuum Cleaner

Euroclean Xforce

Your lifestyle changes with the changing times and so do your cleaning techniques.It has redefined home cleaning with its international styling and design.

Euroclean Wet & Dry

The Euroclean Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with Deep Cleaning+ technology that sucks up all the dirt and dust instantly from your home.

Forbes Quick Clean DX

Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner has a power cord that is long enough to let you clean the whole room at one go without having to relocate the power plug.

Forbes Trendy Steel

For complete care of your home its powerful suction & blower function and variable power controls make it the most ideal unit for all your cleaning needs.